BT721-3x LR Sp. 0 Bastler-Gleis Weiche mit Holzschwelle für elektr. Betrieb
BU144-2 x Märklin H0 Ac Section de Voie Rail 5200 5120 Courbé Voie M ; 2x

Highway 101 median closure project resumes Tuesday

BU177-2x Märklin H0 00 AC M-Gleis gerade für 3600 800 Hohlprofil
Bu215-1 X Märklin H0 Ac Panel Panel 7072 7210 476 4 ; 4x Emb.orig

Work will resume this week on closing the El Campo Road and three other median crossings on Highway 101 in San Luis Obispo County. The project will permanently block four openings connecting the northbound and southbound lanes; motorists will no longer be able to make left-hand turns on to and off the highway via those medians.

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BU291-0,5 x Hamo H0 811 Eléments de Caténaire (80 mm) pour Ligne


BU519-1 Piko H0 Dc Locomotive Électrique Hupac 1116 901-8 Nem Dss , Sans
BU551-1 x Märklin H0 Ac Freight Wagon Db SBB 4626+4632+310 1 etc. ,2.
BU636-4 Märklin H0 Ac 4367 Ensemble de Wagons Train SBB Cff Ffs Nem Kk

Judge Rules Against Trump In Subpoena Fight As White House Blocks McGahn Testimony

Updated at 7:09 p.m. ET A federal judge ruled against President Trump on Monday in a subpoena dispute not long after the White House said it is seeking to block its former top lawyer from talking to Congress. The events amounted to a win — and a loss — apiece for Republicans and Democrats in their ongoing high-stakes legal and political war over separation of powers and oversight in the aftermath of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. The McGahn matter First, the White House said...

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BU672-1 Märklin H0 Ac 3153 Locomotora Eléctrica Locomotora Eléctrica 120
BU731-1 x Märklin H0 Ac Freight Car Nem Kk 4890+4891+94239 etc. ,Good 2.
Budweiser Holiday Express Bachmann Tanker Car 14-00432-005

Builders In Scale Fine Craft Models HO Scale 630 Elm Street House model

Thirty years ago, the only Rhône grape most Americans knew about was Syrah. Then a French family and an American family together purchased some land west of Paso Robles, in the Adelaida wine district. They set out to import Rhône grape varieties to the Central Coast, with the aim to grow them using organic, dry farming and other sustainable methods. 

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BUNDLED LOT Roundhouse & Bachmann HO Scale Train Cars
Burton Morris Signed Lionel Model Train Car
BT510-1 X Fleischmann H0 Dc Vagón de Mercancía Etc. Db 461024+119
Greta Mart/KCBX
BUSCH 12000 Feldbahn H0f Startset NEU OVP 2 Jahre Händlergewährleistung

Work will resume this week on closing the El Campo Road and three other median crossings on Highway 101 in San Luis Obispo County. The project will permanently block four openings connecting the northbound and southbound lanes; motorists will no longer be able to make left-hand turns on to and off the highway via those medians.

Busch 12141 Dampflok Decauville Typ 3 Museum Epoche III Feldbahn H0f Neu

Issues & Ideas: Fields of light, the USO, and emergency services in SLO County

Busch 1406 Raumerweiterungshalle HO NEU May 15, 2019
Busch 1449 Single Family Home, H0 Building Craft Kit 1 87
BT515-0, 5 x Märklin H0 Ac Vagones Etc. DRG Nem Iluminación 107024+17375

On this week’s Issues & Ideas, we learn more about the large, immersive new light and art installation called Sensorio Field of Light coming to Paso Robles. 

May 14, 2019
Busch 1548 Moderno Gewerbehalle Kit Construcción Ho Nuevo
Courtesy of the San Luis Obispo Parks & Recreation Department
BUSCH 1640 HO Bausatz Bahnhof Ilfeld NEU in OVP
Busch 1670 Reitergut Sorga (Remise) Kit Construcción Ho Nuevo

San Luis Obispo County officials heardBT531-1x Märklin H0 Ac Carroza Treni Dei Paesi 29 758+116 910+50 J 150 J. The park’s golf course has been partially closed for the past year, but it may soon become a golfing destination again—for people of all ages—with miniature golf and go karts.

Nick Franco, head of the county parks department, spoke to the county’s board of supervisors Tuesday.

BT537-2 x Liliput H0 Dc Voiture de Tourisme Db Nem Bye 655 + Abyse
Busch 5485 en movimiento BARCO CON LAGO Kit construcción HO NUEVO
May 13, 2019
BT553-0,5 x Liliput H0 Dc 238 Tonerdewagen Vagón de Mercancía Vaw 519 238
BUSCH 6491 H0 Mischwald mit 50 Bäumen Mega-Spar-Set NEU in OVP Thomas Wilmer
Busch 8430 - 2 Auffahrten - Spur N - NEU
Busch HO 1574 Windrad NEU in OVP

Camp Roberts—located on the San Luis Obispo/Monterey county line—was America’s largest Army training base during World War II. Close to half a million infantry and artillery troops went through basic training at the base during the war.

BT572-0,5 Märklin H0 Ac 4515 (391 2) Wagon à Bords Bas avec 2 Camion MB
BV119-0,5 Märklin H0 Ac 4073 Buffet Car Passenger Car Sj Brown,Very Good; Ovp

San Luis Obispo city officials gave the second annual “State of the City” address Thursday. Mayor Heidi Harmon and City Manager Derek Johnson touted plenty of accomplishments in 2018, but also shared some financial uncertainty about the year ahead because the city is facing a liability of $150 million.

BV5-0,5 Märklin H0 Ac 4415 Vagone Trasporto Birra Waldschloss Bräu
BV56-0,5x Märklin H0 AC 4646 Kesselwagen Güterwagen ARAL ; OVP
May 9, 2019

On this week’s Issues and Ideas, we hear about a local mission to preserve the story of winemaking in our region. The Wine History Project of San Luis Obispo County is a museum without walls; we speak with Heather Muran and Libbie Agran about the effort to bring the county's wine history to life through unique exhibits. Also, learn more about the sleep disorder narcolepsy from local patient-activist Ashley Allen.

BV635-1Rivarossi H0 DC 1352 Dampflok Tenderlok 96 022 DRG, OVP

California to phase out use of toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos

BV694-0,5 x B&k H0 Dc 32.002.2 Kit de Montage Spezialwagen pour Kali Db May 8, 2019

The use of a dangerous pesticide will soon be phased out in California. The California Environmental Protection Agency announced Wednesday the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) will start the process to cancel the registration of the pesticide chlorpyrifos.

BT584-1 x Märklin H0 Ac Buffet Car etc. Wrümh A4üm Db+Wlab4üm DSG , Good
BV763-0,5 Märklin H0 Ac 4046 Blech-Nahverkehrswagen silveré BD4nf Db ,
BV838-0,5x Märklin H0 AC Kesselwagen DB BP + Aral + Total Eva, sehr gut

Santa Barbara police engaged in a standoff Tuesday with a suspect barricaded in an apartment building off South Turnpike Road in Santa Barbara. The area was evacuated and Highway 101 closed in both directions between Turnpike Road and Patterson Avenue. San Marcos High School, located across the street from the apartment building, was placed in lockdown for the afternoon, but just after 3 p.m., the students were sent home.

BT594-0,5 x Märklin H0 Ac 4031 Vagone Treno Latta Vagone Bagagli Sj ; 2.wahl
BV898-0, 5 x Märklin H0 Ac Vagones Db con Figuras Büm + Aüm
May 7, 2019
BW105-1 x Märklin Voie 0 Section de Voie Courbé 8 Pièces 8 Er Cercle Pour
Courtesy Cal Poly Campus Dining

Cal Poly's Academic Senate, the governing body for the university's faculty, voted Tuesday overwhelmingly in favor of removing a Chick-fil-A restaurant outlet from the university's San Luis Obispo campus. The resolution was proposed in light of recent news the fast food chain's charity arm, the Chick-fil-A Foundation, continues to give money to anti-LGBTQ organizations. The vote by the Academic Senate comes after another university and two cities moved to block Chick-fil-A outlets from opening in recent weeks due to the company's perceived opposition to the LGBTQ community. 


BW420-3x Märklin H0 00 Ac Pezzo Pista M Vorkrieg Profilo Completo 3600 800
BW5-1 x Bemo H0e Dc 4002 000 Voie Flexible Rail (50 cm),Neuf + Emballage
BX108-1x Lima H0 DC Speisewagen DSG Steuerwagen DB etc, Pufferteller fehlen
BT610-1x Märklin H0 AC Güterwagen DB 4610 + VTG + 306 + 310 1 etc, 1x OVP
BX175-0, 5 Primex Märklin H0 Ac Chassis Digital for 3196 Tender 81 003 Db
BX34-0,5 x Märklin H0 Ac 4040 Voitures à Passagers D'Étain 4051 Stg Ci
BX475-2x Primex Märklin H0 AC Set Güterwagen 4573 + 4584 + 4594, TOP+2x OVP

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BX539-3 x Märklin H0 00 Ac VOIE M Rail Courbé pour 3600 800,Connecteur Du
BX602-3 x Märklin H0 Ac Amateur Aiguillage Manuel Voies 5200 5100 5106

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