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Welcome to the 2019 Hero Dog Awards®

The American Humane Hero Dog Awards® are an annual campaign that recognizes heroes on both ends of the leash. Seven lucky finalists and their human companions will travel to Hollywood for the star-studded awards gala, which will be broadcast nationwide on Hallmark Channel this fall. Seven courageous canines will be featured, and only one dog will be awarded the 2019 American Hero Dog title.

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I've got a bunch more posts on the Mueller Report I'm going to eventually write; I've still got a slew of theories and observations to share. But there's one topic I just have guesses on, one I'd love to have more people weigh in on. Why…

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Maria Butina's lawyers are complaining that the government submitted a declaration in her sentencing that lays out a theory of how the networking she did would be useful for Russian intelligence. I think that distracts from making an argument that even using the precedents the government relies on, she has a solid case she should be sent home now.

New details released in this report provide even further reason to think Trump obstructed the Russian investigation to halt the counterintelligence analysis of his ties with Russia. But the report remains silent about the most concerning interactions with Vladimir Putin and never actually considers whether Trump was obstructing the counterintelligence investigation.

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There's been a lot of discussion about why neither Don Sr nor Don Jr were hauled before Mueller's grand jury. There's been less discussion of the two redactions that hide explanations for why they weren't.

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Here's the report. Use this thread to comment. (Here's a searchable copy.) Here's a transcript of Bill Barr's speech, once again spinning the Mueller Report. Effectively, what he did was pretend that "collusion" was the same thing as conspiracy,…

The one thing that is consistent with all the reporting on the Mueller Report thus far is that Trump obstructed justice to hide how badly he got manipulated by Russian spooks.

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The government says it needs six months before it can consider revisiting the redactions in the Paul Manafort breach determination filings.

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