Brawa 47268 Échelle H0 Wagon de Marchandises Gbs 245 Db, IV, Ültje
Brawa 47569 Vagón de Autodescarga Ootz 23 Mineral Iiid Db Ep.iii

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Brawa 48267 Covered Freight Car G 10 DRG 513 688 Alpirsbacher Ep. II Ho New
White Walkers BURN.jpg
Brawa 48626 Scala H0 Carro Merci E-52 Omm Db, III, Seilbahngondel Dc
Brawa 48732 H0 Wagon de Marchandises Glr 22 Db, III, Brandt Dc

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Brawa 48838 Wagon de Marchandise Cougreen Opole Gms 30 SNCF Epoque 3 Neuwertig,

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Brawa 49012 H0 Freight Wagon Db III Astra Limited